Fill level sensors

Filling level analysis devices

Filling level analysis devices
EGE analysis devices process the signals of the EGE filling level sensors for extreme temperatures at a safe distance and are used to set up the sensor via intuitive operation using potentiometer and LED strip. Analysis devices for EGE high temperature limit switches feature an auto-calibration of the switching point at the press of a button. EGE analysis devices provide switching signals or analogue signals, dependent on the device.

Productseries in this productfamily


  • For capacitive Sensors KGFTa...Ex
  • Supply by IKMb 123 Ex...
  • Ex-Device category in zone 0 (Gas)
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  • For the connection of intrinsically safe sensors
  • For top hat rail mounting in a switch cabinet in a non-explosive area
  • Intuitive operation by means of potentiometer and LED display
  • Power supply AC / DC variants
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  • For the adjustment and set up of capacitive sensors for high temperatures
  • Intuitive setting via potentiometer and LED display
  • With switching output normally closed/ normally open NC/NO contact,
  • Switching distance
  • Hysteresis adjustable
  • 24 VDC and 230 VAC max.
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  • For sensors up to +230 °C
  • Auto adjustment to the medium at the push of a button
  • Cable break monitoring
  • Normally closed/ normally open
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