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For more than forty years, we have been developing and manufacturing high-precision, extremely reliable measuring systems and sensors for the toughest requirements at our Gettorf site. Our spectrum ranges from flow sensors and air flow monitors to compressed air consumption meters and inductive or capacitive proximity switches to infrared detectors as well as opto and ultrasonic sensors. We also develop level monitors based on all common measuring principles, photoelectric sensors for industrial applications and metal detectors for harsh use in quarries and building materials production.

Why EGE?

The German saying "First things happen differently and secondly than you think" - is quite close to Murphys law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Technical personnel who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of sensors in the harsh industrial environment often know this "rule" from painful experience. After all, the actual suitability and reliability of sensors is determined less by the specifications on the data sheet than by the real operating conditions on site. For example, the design of sensors for wide temperature ranges in applications with high or very low temperatures may protect against the worst. But the specifications for thermal resistance do not yet provide any information about how rapid, extreme temperature changes affect the material and long-term stability of the sensors. After all, it is precisely infrequent but unforeseen over- or underruns of the target loads that can have serious consequences if the sensors have no stability reserves. Similarly, the standard-compliant EMC of a sensor is of little use if an indispensable drive in the immediate operating environment exceeds the prescribed standards. Last but not least, the mechanical stability of the housing and the specific chemical resistance of seals or cables are of course crucial for low-maintenance, trouble-free operation. Even if sensor failure does not result in any immediate danger to employees or plant components, unsuitable sensors can become an expensive nuisance - for example, if their premature wear or measured value distortions cause excessive maintenance and costly downtimes.


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When it counts: Sensors from EGE

With our range of products, we always pursue the goal of supplying the best-suited solutions for demanding measurement requirements. This does not necessarily mean more expensive, but always: more robust, lower-maintenance and longer-lasting than conventional products.

In many cases, this requires only minor adjustments, which we can implement based on our application experience, know-how and understanding of the respective target applications. In other cases, the reliable solution of metrological tasks requires design adaptations of the sensors and housings. In any case, we are able to optimally adapt our series products to your application-specific challenges with a pronounced vertical range of manufacture and excellently equipped test laboratories. For this purpose, we offer all sensor types and series in high variance and with specific stability features: Among other things, this concerns suitability for extreme temperature ranges, exceptional mechanical stability as well as insensitivity to massive dirt accumulation and aggressive or abrasive media or bulk solids. Of course, we also provide explosion-proof versions and focus our developments on interference immunity against problematic EMC influences.

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Sensor technology at the service of the customer

Since the standard we set for our sensors is defined by their practicality and reliability under the toughest conditions, we regard the metrological challenges of our customers as essential drivers for constant further developments and improvements. For this reason, our highly qualified sales staff see themselves as application engineers who contribute their comprehensive expertise to solving problems. The direct contact of the sales staff to the development department enables a quick adaptation of the sensors or the realization of special solutions, if required.

Modern tradition

Since its foundation in 1976, the headquarters of EGE Spezialsensoren GmbH has been located in Gettorf, Schleswig-Holstein. North of Kiel, only minutes away from the Baltic Sea beach, but in the middle of the technology region K.E.R.N. (Kiel-Eckernförde-Rendsburg-Neumünster), tradition and modernity come together. Here, the approximately 130 employees of our still family-run company are driving the sensor technology of tomorrow. And in doing so, they appreciate the values of our company, which are characterized by professionalism, reliability, customer orientation and fair cooperation.