Fill level sensors

Capacitive filling level sensors for adhesive media

Capacitive filling level sensors for adhesive media
EGE capacitive filling level sensors for adhesive media offer the reliable monitoring of the filling level of granulate, powders, solids, such as feathers, fluids and aggressive as well as adhesive media.The medium to be detected functions as dielectric. The medium in touch with the sensor generates a capacity change. This is converted into a switching signal or an analogue 4...20 mA output signal. Filling level sensors of series KGFR are ideal for media with low DK value. The PTFE sleeve makes the sensor resistant to aggressive media and together with the round design ensures the fast slippage of the medium.

Productseries in this productfamily

KGFR with an excelent sensitivity and roundet tip of PTFE

  • Capacitive filling level switch for monitoring the maximum or minimum filling level of fluids or bulk materials
  • Reliable: resistant to adhesion due to smooth rounded tip With PTFE housing
  • For use in aggressive media suitable
  • For media with low DK for example down feathers
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