Fill level sensors

Capacitive sensors for use down to -230 °C

Capacitive sensors for use down to -230 °C
EGE capacitive sensors for use down to -230 °C reliably detect deep-frozen liquid gases or granulates for cryogenic grinding, for example. The sensors are based on the proven capacitive principle. The measuring element of the sensor designed as a cylindrical capacitor. The medium to be detected works as dielectric. The medium in touch with the sensor generates a capacity change. This is converted into a switching signal or an analogue 4...20 mA output signal. This applies both to conductive and non-conductive media. The sensors reliably record super-cooled liquid gases or granulate. With their compact design the sensors of this series are well suited for installation in tight spaces.

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Capacitive filling level monitors for detecting liquid gases or super-cooled granulate down to -230 °C

Series KGFP filling level switch for the reliable monitoring of the maximum or minimum filling level of fluids or bulk materials

  • Issues a switching signal when in contact with the medium
  • For the detection of media down to a temperature of -230 °C
  • For the monitoring of cryogenic processes
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