Inductive proximity switches

Analysis devices for inductive Ex sensors

Analysis devices for inductive Ex sensors
EGE amplifier for Ex proximity switches complement the intrinsically safe sensors. They are used for switching point adjustment and provide functional and output indications as well as the output signals. They also provide the 24 VDC or 115 VAC or 230 VAC power supply. The devices can be set up intuitively using a potentiometer and have a cable break and short circuit monitoring feature. The NC/NO contact output functions can be adjusted. The analysis devices are intended for top-hat rail assembly in a control cabinet in the non-explosive area.

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  • For the connection of intrinsically safe sensors
  • For top hat rail mounting in a switch cabinet in a non-explosive area
  • Intuitive operation by means of potentiometer and LED display
  • Power supply AC / DC variants
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