Temperature sensors

Infrared detectors for analogue temperature measurement

Infrared detectors for analogue temperature measurement
EGE infrared detectors are used for the contactless temperature detection and measurement. The sensors detect the infrared radiation of warm and hot objects from 20° C to 2000 ° C. EGE infrared detectors are designed for use under extreme conditions. With their glass and stainless steel housing they are water-tight according to IP 68 / IP 69. With attachment optics can be used at an ambient temperature up to 350° C. An optional blow-out system makes the sensors insensitive to contamination of the optics. The detectors are, for example, used to detect steel girders or hot rolled wire as well as for the contactless temperature control of brewer’s barley in germination tanks.

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  • Detection range 300…2000 °C
  • For the contactless temperature measurement using optics and optic fibre cables
  • Analogue output and switching output,
  • Adjustable switching threshold
  • Optic fibre cable and optics resistant to high temperatures
  • For the contactless temperature monitoring in processes
  • For the contactless temperature measurement of very hot objects
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OD 100 GA

  • Detection range 0…300 °C
  • For contactless temperature measurement
  • With analogue output or switching outputs
  • In robust stainless steel housing with glass optics
  • Protection class IP 67
  • For use in rough industrial environments
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