Flow sensors

Air flow sensors without integrated amplifier

Air flow sensors without integrated amplifier
EGE flow sensors for gaseous media without integrated amplifier permit the space-saving flow measurement on site and the comfortable setting of the limit value using separate amplifier, e.g. within a control cabinet. The measurement takes place without mechanically moving parts using a thermal measuring element. The current flow state is displayed at the amplifier using LEDs. The devices are used wherever a safe, robust and low-maintenance monitoring of flow values is required. This includes e.g. air conditioning technology, monitoring of exhaust air systems and ventilation monitoring

Productseries in this productfamily

LTZ 400

  • Screw-in sensors series LTZ 400 for flow monitoring
  • Gaseous media
  • Robust Stainless steel housing
  • G1/2 threads for assemble in T-piece or welding sleeve
  • Flow monitoring in supply and exhaust air ducts
  • Flow monitoring in exhaust systems
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