Customized solutions

We are your sensor specialists for special requirements. EGE provides you with solutions for individual display options, for the representation of your brand on the housing or for special concerns regarding measured value processing and remote calibration for areas that are difficult to access.

Simply describe your measurement challenges to us and our application engineers will promptly show you competent solutions in a personal meeting. We look forward to your inquiry.

Modular adjustments

Unlike many market competitors, you do not have to compromise with sensors from EGE. Because compromise solutions almost always lead to increased maintenance requirements and premature failures.

Depending on the final application, we ensure with specific modifications that the sensors withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and aggressive media. We achieve this, for example, by using the most suitable connections, seals, wetted parts/probes as well as by individual adaptations of the measuring ranges and signal outputs. In addition, we also make design changes to construction forms and process adaptations.

To enable you to easily integrate our sensor solutions into your applications, we can assemble them on request with the preferred connectors or cables for different applications. These include drag-chain capable cables for robotics applications, silicone cables for car washes, specially shielded and mechanically protected cables for metal processing environments, and oil-resistant, flame-retardant cables for use in oil production and petrochemical applications.

Our expert

Talk to our experts for flow and flow sensor technology about your request. Feel free to contact us directly by phone via e-mail or contact form.

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Application-specific adaptations

To make installation as easy as possible for you, we equip our products with all common thread dimensions and the flanges you require.

In addition to special flanges for chemical processes, we naturally also offer hygienic connections as required for adaptation to processes in the food industry or pharmaceutical production.

For applications in which the mounting location is difficult to access and installation space is limited, we also provide our sensors with lateral cable outlets or, if necessary, carry out modifications to the housing designs.

Individual adaptation of measurement properties

To ensure that measured values exactly meet your requirements, we make all necessary modifications, including the switching distances or detection ranges of our proximity switches and ultrasonic sensors: For precise detection, we calibrate the measuring devices exactly for the distances or objects relevant to the application. Accordingly, we achieve the highest accuracy for flow sensors by calibrating them for the liquid media you use.

For level sensors, we also take into account the specific dielectric constants and temperature ranges of the target media. By using resistant stainless steel grades and, if necessary, angled measuring probes, we ensure that our standard systems always deliver reliable values in all media, tank geometries and even under difficult conditions.

You can also specify the form in which the signal is output: On request, we supply the sensors with output switches, analog outputs or IO-Link interface.